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La Rive

LA RIVE is one of the top perfume manufacturers in Poland. We try to bring to our clients the sense of luxury, by giving them high quality of our products for a moderate price. Our offer includes a very wide range of ladies’ and men's perfumes, gift sets, deodorants, after shave lotions and 30-ml eau de parfum, shower gels. We export our products to over 30 countries all over the word and they are of the most valuable and best-know European brands.
LA RIVE came into existence in the year 2003, with a wide selection of eau de parfum and eau de toilette, which offers a high quality and affordable alternative to known perfume brands. LA RIVE trademark is already successful presence on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the German market. “LA Rive” attaches great importance to give all customers who prefer high quality at an affordable price, a luxury feeling. For more information about our products, kindly click on the details option.
What makes LA RIVE products special is unique fragrance and sensuous, high quality packaging. Our fragrances are chosen in cooperation with renowned French manufactures. Bottles and caps come from moulds exclusively made for us and have innovative and attractive design.

Our perfumes are packed in our own, modern factory equipped with the highest quality production lines and devices meeting the European standards.
We have developed the production technology on our own. At each stage of the production process, quality control is performed in accordance with valid technical standards required during the production of cosmetics in order to ensure high quality and security of our products.
We rely on the latest scientific achievements. We have our own research and development centre, where our employees, on the current basis, observe and analyze the market of today’s technologies. We always select and implement the best ones.
Our products are created in a modern factory, equipped the most advanced devices. In the production process, we use innovative solutions so as to be always a step ahead of our competitors. Numerous test at the implementation stage make that our perfumes ideally fitting the customer. Advanced technologies and procedures were confirmed with quality certificate ISO 9001. This guarantees that our production meet expectations of even the most demanding customers.


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