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Opinions about shop

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  • The author reviews: Aldis
  • Date of review write: 13-09-2019
Good customer service, reasonable prices.
  • The author reviews: Larissa
  • Date of review write: 12-07-2019
Мне понравился сайт магазина; Товар пришёл быстро
  • The author reviews: Antoaneta
  • Date of review write: 10-07-2019
Excellent service!
  • The author reviews: George
  • Date of review write: 07-07-2019
I will buy again for sure! :)
  • The author reviews: Jana
  • Date of review write: 31-01-2019
goods arrived quickly, completely satisfied
  • The author reviews: Oleksandr Matiushkin
  • Date of review write: 25-01-2019
Very reliable shop. I recommend it to all! Everything was done with high level!
  • The author reviews: Török
  • Date of review write: 16-01-2019
Perfect and reliable supplier, I have ordered on Sunday some goods and arrived after 3 days , I really recommend it!
  • The author reviews: Moran
  • Date of review write: 09-01-2019
Excellent products, the delivery time could be a bit faster.
  • The author reviews: Miguel
  • Date of review write: 28-12-2018
One of the bottles I received is broken.
  • The author reviews: ivan
  • Date of review write: 10-12-2018
good site - deliveries a bit slow!
  • The author reviews: Zsuzsanna
  • Date of review write: 09-12-2018
I es looking for the parfum so long I found it. Quick post.
  • The author reviews: Aneta
  • Date of review write: 07-12-2018
Great products, good contact, very fast delivery. I heartily recommend.
  • The author reviews: Lakshman
  • Date of review write: 14-11-2018
The purchase was very convenient and rates were competitive. Great to deal with. Thanks.
  • The author reviews: Maria
  • Date of review write: 31-10-2018
I have ordered several perfumes and I must say the ones that were my favourites were brilliant. Good smell and not bad in lasting.
  • The author reviews: Katja
  • Date of review write: 22-10-2018
There is nothing to comment.
  • The author reviews: Natalia
  • Date of review write: 03-10-2018
Sehr schön! dustbox
  • The author reviews: Arturs
  • Date of review write: 10-09-2018
Everything was Good
  • The author reviews: Timmy
  • Date of review write: 21-07-2018
Service and delivery was great. Product smelled great but there is no way it was a genuine EDT imo. Weak strength. Disappointed.
  • The author reviews: Sylwia
  • Date of review write: 27-04-2018
I'm not happy with that purchase. The smell is not strong and stays on me just for 1 hour. I had many of Bi-es perfumes like Cleo ,Olivia or La belle via all of them was amazing. Lovely smells and stays for many hours on me. Very poor quality product.
  • The author reviews: maija & pauls
  • Date of review write: 20-04-2018
casually discovered jfenzi perfumery some years ago, enjoyed it at once, unfortunatelly not available in stores of our country, extremely happy that found your internetshop, great, really greattt...
  • The author reviews: pauls
  • Date of review write: 20-04-2018
casually discovered jfenzi perfumery some years ago, enjoyed it at once, unfortunatelly not available in stores of our country, extremely happy that found your internetshop, great, really greattt...
  • The author reviews: sigrid
  • Date of review write: 16-04-2018
Bin sehr zufrieden Vielen Danke,kaufe gerne wieder Lg.
  • The author reviews: Egle
  • Date of review write: 10-04-2018
Delivery took a while, but everything is awesome otherwise!
  • The author reviews: Guy
  • Date of review write: 10-03-2018
Very easy to find what you want, good prices and fast delivery given that it's coming from Poland however that said, the postage costs are reasonable, stuff is really well packaged and if you can't get what you want more locally then this is a perfect alternative. I will buy again.
  • The author reviews: Cezar
  • Date of review write: 10-03-2018
Great! Everything !
  • The author reviews: Damien
  • Date of review write: 01-02-2018
Fantastic prices and Smells Like range is fantastic! I will be buying a lot more of their products.
  • The author reviews: Jan
  • Date of review write: 28-01-2018
Perfect services. Very fast and easy. I strongly recommend.
  • The author reviews: Sfi
  • Date of review write: 19-01-2018
Very Quick delivery thank you.
  • The author reviews: Mindaugas
  • Date of review write: 12-01-2018
very good shop
  • The author reviews: Elis
  • Date of review write: 27-12-2017
Maybe a bit to expensive shipping
  • The author reviews: Yusuf
  • Date of review write: 14-12-2017
The service overall was great. I would be happier if the delivery took a bit shorter time.
  • The author reviews: Rima
  • Date of review write: 09-12-2017
Brilliant! Thanks.
  • The author reviews: Rima
  • Date of review write: 04-12-2017
Super! Thank you very much!
  • The author reviews: sandra
  • Date of review write: 02-12-2017
Posted my order the same day ! They are very fast ! Tracking was provided right from the beginning and delivered to my door in 3 days from Poland to United Kingdom , very fast for international delivery . And i was only charged £6 for delivery , very reasonable :) Product prices are the best , cant get any cheaper and perfumes smell very nice . Communication was very fast too , i had a question , which was answered within an hour :) I'm a very happy customer , will be ordering from here again :) Thank you !!!
  • The author reviews: Zuzana
  • Date of review write: 28-11-2017
Perfect i'm very satisfied :)
  • The author reviews: Jelena
  • Date of review write: 27-09-2017
Very fast shipping, everything is good.
  • The author reviews: Vinet
  • Date of review write: 20-09-2017
nice delivery
  • The author reviews: Moran
  • Date of review write: 15-09-2017
Excellent products at very reasonable prices. The communication could be better though from the time of payment and the dispatch time for first time buyers I am happy with the products bought
  • The author reviews: Jonathan
  • Date of review write: 10-06-2017
Thanks very much, quick delivery and my query dealt with swiftly. Great price too!
  • The author reviews: FALONE
  • Date of review write: 20-03-2017
ok super bien recu tres bien

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