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Opinions about shop

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  • The author reviews: Mária
  • Date of review write: 26-12-2023
Rychle doručenie spokojná s parfém
  • The author reviews: isabella
  • Date of review write: 03-12-2023
Reliable shop very fast and prompt comunications. I bought already many times in this shop and I will again in the future, I definitely recommend it
  • The author reviews: Barbora
  • Date of review write: 07-11-2023
Perfect!! Fast delivery and amazing quality of perfumes:)
  • The author reviews: gloria
  • Date of review write: 20-10-2023
it would be good if the price of shipping would be less expensive: for example buying more items the cost of shipping could be less expensive.
  • The author reviews: Erik Christer
  • Date of review write: 19-10-2023
It was easy to order.
  • The author reviews: Sandra
  • Date of review write: 28-09-2023
All praise! I quickly received what I ordered, in goog quality.
  • The author reviews: Marianne
  • Date of review write: 20-08-2023
The perfumes really smell as described to the original scents. The delivery to the Netherlands was very fast within a week and you are kept well informed of the process of payment and shipping. Definitely recommended and worth the prices.
  • The author reviews: Filip
  • Date of review write: 04-08-2023
Order prepared for shipping the same, or next day. Fragrances themselves of good quality, however sometimes concentration isn't correctly specified(80% alcohol volume but listed as EDT, listed as a dupe of parfum concentration - but actually copying EDP)
  • The author reviews: Iryna
  • Date of review write: 16-05-2023
This is my first purchase on this site. I had doubts, but everything went great. The products are excellent, packaging is perfect, shipping is fast. Absolutely recommended. Thank you so much for your great service. I'll be back to buy other perfumes.
  • The author reviews: RONALD
  • Date of review write: 14-01-2023
It was a very pleasant experience to shop at this online shop. Enormous variety and very cheap. Easy to order and pay and fast delivery. During the sending process constantly informed about the status. And the perfumes....wow exactly like the originals. I highly recommand this shop!
  • The author reviews: Diana
  • Date of review write: 02-01-2023
The order came very fast, în 3 days. I didnt expected that! I recommend it!
  • The author reviews: Andrian
  • Date of review write: 31-12-2022
Very satisfied with the products. Good quality
  • The author reviews: Paolo
  • Date of review write: 18-04-2022
5 stelle più che meritate, ho trovato un profumo che in Italia non veniva importato, venditori seri, affidabili e spedizione il più veloce possibile....grazie
  • The author reviews: Sonja
  • Date of review write: 13-04-2022
Alles bestens gelaufen, Lieferung erfolgte pünktlich. Gerne wieder, vielen Dank.
  • The author reviews: Sónia
  • Date of review write: 09-01-2022
Very good service. I recommend this shop.
  • The author reviews: J.H.
  • Date of review write: 24-12-2021
This store is great! For the price, I didn't even expect their clones to perform well or be so close to the real thing, but they are! For example their Tom Ford - Ombré Leather clone, that leather accord is spot on. I will especially vouch for the brands JFenzi or "Fenzi" and "Chatler" from now on where possible, these are good brands that will give you great value for your money. Fenzi I already knew were good but now I can say, Chatler is good too. Both even have a version of the latest Paco Rabanne which is Phantom! Just type in the search box the scent(s) you like and it will return you the clones you'll want. I will be buying again here.
  • The author reviews: Sorina
  • Date of review write: 30-10-2021
Thank you so m7ch! Our collaboration will be a good, long lasting one!
  • The author reviews: Denise
  • Date of review write: 24-10-2021
Good quality
  • The author reviews: David
  • Date of review write: 07-10-2021
Adorei, o produto era o que queria e chegou dentro do prazo.
  • The author reviews: Otto
  • Date of review write: 19-08-2021
Nice shop
  • The author reviews: Anouk
  • Date of review write: 28-07-2021
Very Good!
  • The author reviews: Fernando Antonio
  • Date of review write: 04-05-2021
It’s all’ okay
  • The author reviews: Luzy
  • Date of review write: 09-03-2021
goed product ruikt naar Gucci rush, mooi prijs. Levering goed.
  • The author reviews: Sašo
  • Date of review write: 25-02-2021
excellent prices,super fast shipping,goods as shown on the website. longevity too short.
  • The author reviews: Robert
  • Date of review write: 14-12-2020
Delivery on time and the best quality of product.
  • The author reviews: LANI
  • Date of review write: 10-12-2020
An excellent selection of La Rive products which bloggers had recommended as a way to explore high end scents. Very happy with the prices, the care taken to wrap everything well since post dropped the box and smashed a corner and nothing inside was damaged. Definitely recommend.
  • The author reviews: LAURA
  • Date of review write: 04-12-2020
Perfect perfect
  • The author reviews: Diana
  • Date of review write: 01-12-2020
I was very happy with the order! This store had a perfume I thought was out of manufacturing. I was so happy to receive exactly my perfume, in a short time. I strongly recommend this store to purchase your perfumes! Thank you for your quality services.
  • The author reviews: Jan
  • Date of review write: 27-10-2020
Ďakujem za objednávku,som veľmi spokojní
  • The author reviews: Shaun
  • Date of review write: 19-10-2020
grea price fast delivery I will use them again
  • The author reviews: Gagen
  • Date of review write: 30-08-2020
Amazing service!
  • The author reviews: Lewis
  • Date of review write: 23-08-2020
Fast delivery, great prices. However, do research perfumes before buying, some aren't great copies
  • The author reviews: Don
  • Date of review write: 22-08-2020
fast reply from customer service. product super. all brilliant
  • The author reviews: Lilita
  • Date of review write: 20-07-2020
Got my delivery very quickly. Happy to recommend.
  • The author reviews: Andzelika
  • Date of review write: 25-06-2020
Super service, quick and easy!!!
  • The author reviews: Zanette
  • Date of review write: 15-06-2020
i am from Italy and am absolutely happy with the purchase:efficient, fast,precise and I even got a very nice gift...I would recommend this shop to everyone with no ifs and buts
  • The author reviews: Wolfgang
  • Date of review write: 11-06-2020
Sehr guter Service
  • The author reviews: Ria
  • Date of review write: 09-06-2020
The products were very good, but the package was bad. The bottles did lay loose in the package and there were many holes in the package. Not good!!!!
  • The author reviews: Nusa
  • Date of review write: 27-05-2020
This perfume store is the best on the net. I am happy to find it. Wonderful perfumes, better than originals and the prices are very good. I will buy again and tell my friends about it.
  • The author reviews: Pavel
  • Date of review write: 30-04-2020
thank you wery match

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